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Silverado Center Console Swap Advice

Swapping in a Silverado center console from a jump seat can be confusing. It takes basic skills and hand tools, but you may struggle with the project anyway. Here’s a simplified look at installing a Silverado center console.

Tools Needed

  • Small pick
  • 15mm socket and wrench
  • 11mm socket and wrench
  • T50 Torx bit

Silverado jump seat

  • Begin by removing the plastic covers atop the seat mounts. Do this using your pick. If you don’t have a pick, a flathead will work. If you use a flathead, be careful as these covers are somewhat delicate.
  • Pull away the inside cover by hand. It should come right off.
  • Note that the lock washer for the cover stays on the cover. If it stays on the bolt head, carefully pry it off to reinstall.
  • The front mount nuts need an 11mm socket for removal. Rear bolts need a 15mm socket.
  • Unbolt the seats from all four bolts. Now, unbolt the seatbelt harness and remove the seat. Note that you don’t need to remove the seatbelt mount from the pillar or seat.
  • Remove the jump seat seatbelt with the T50 Torx bit. The jump seat will lift off now.
  • After removing the jump seat, remove the lower trim on the dash.

Silverado under console

  • Swap in the console is simple and, provided you have the correct part, it will fit right into place.
  • Use the harness from the jump seat to plug into the console. Everything should work other than the front 3 USB ports.
  • Reinstall the seat and the seatbelt harness, and you’re done.

Silverado center console

Follow these steps and take your time. Be careful of any wiring and connections. It will look great and you’ll get a lot of use out of your new console! You can also use these steps to install a jump seat from a console. Just go from steps 9 to 6 to do so.

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