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5 Cool Chevy Silverado 1500 Mods For Under $500

If you own a Chevy Silverado, you have excellent taste in trucks. Yet, there’s always room for improvement. You may want to restyle your truck, protect it, or give it a performance boost.

Chevy silverado mods

If you’ve been holding off on making upgrades to your truck because you’re on a budget, we have good news. There are many inexpensive performance, cosmetic, and functional upgrades that offer a lot of value! We rounded up the 5 best mods for Chevy Silverados that cost less than $500:

1. Seat Covers

Do you have any stains or tears in your upholstery that you'd like to hide? Or do you want to transform the way your Silverado’s interior looks? If your answer to either question is yes, you need seat covers.

Seat covers are available for front and back seats. They come in a wide variety of colors, materials, and styles. So you’re bound to find a set of seat covers that suit your tastes to a tee.

We offer OEM seat covers for a variety of GM vehicles, including the Silverado. Look up your Silverado here to see all the OEM seat covers available for your truck.

2. Toolbox

Like all pickups, the Silverado offers the great benefit of storing cargo in the truck bed. Yet, it’s not a perfect solution. While you may store all kinds of stuff in the truck bed, there’s no practical way to store your tools. If you just leave your tools out in the truck bed, they’re vulnerable to theft and weather elements.

You could always store your tools in the cab. Yet, it’s not an ideal solution. It can get messy, and it’s easy to lose small tools between car seats and such.

A truck bed toolbox is a perfect solution. It’s a large toolbox that stretches across the width of the truck bed. Many toolboxes come with a lock. You’ll benefit from having a toolbox in your truck bed in several different ways:

  • Your tools are kept safe from theft and weather elements.
  • You get to organize your cargo even better with all the tools in one place. This means you have a much less chance of losing your tools.

A good quality toolbox costs under $500. We carry several genuine OEM truck bed toolboxes designed for Silverado trucks. Check them out here!

3. Floor Mats

It's easy for a pickup truck's interior to get dirty. Whether your Silverado is a daily driver or an off-road beast (or anything in between), you'll benefit from a set of floor mats. There are two types of floor mats to choose from:

  1. Carpeted floor mats: These will protect your Silverado's carpet from light dirt, moisture, and so on. Also, a quality set of carpeted floor mats will improve the appearance of your truck's interior.
  2. All-weather floor mats: These are rubber or plastic floor mats designed to trap large amounts of dirt and moisture. These are ideal when you often drive in snowy, muddy, or other extremely dirty conditions.

A quality set of floor mats can cost as little as $75 or as much as $400. You can opt for OEM floor mats (we have lots of these at wholesale pricing!) or aftermarket floor mats, like WeatherTech floor mats.

4. Cold Air Intake Kit

Installing a cold air intake kit is a cheap way to give your engine more horsepower. A good cold air intake kit comes with a performance air filter. It also contains all the parts you need to upgrade the restrictive factory intake plumbing. The design of a kit often increases the tube diameter and straightens any unnecessary bends. This results in colder, denser air reaching your engine. This boosts your engine’s power by about 5-10 hp.

At GM Genuine Parts, we carry OEM air intake kits for Silverado trucks. Look up your Silverado in this catalog to see which air intake kits are available for your truck.

5. Custom Exhaust

If you’re looking for a throatier sound, more power, and more torque, get a custom exhaust. When combined with a cold air intake kit, a custom exhaust can act as a horsepower multiplier. This boosts your truck’s off-road and on-road capabilities. And by the way, if you drive a diesel, be sure to check out this diesel exhaust buyer's guide.

Custom exhausts can cost more than $500. Yet, you can find a quality one under $500 if you look around.