The Camaro ZL1 and Silverado are Surprisingly Similar. At Least in Nascar.

The Camaro ZL1 and Silverado both come with a V8 engine. Other than that, and the bowtie on the grille, they are completely different. But not in Nascar. The Camaro ZL1 that races in the Cup Series is quite similar to the Silverado that races in the Truck Series. Facts and figures are difficult to come by for these two racing vehicles, so we put together a comparison chart:

2018 is the first year that a Camaro ZL1 has competed in the Cup Series. The Silverado has been running in the Truck Series for several years. They are surprisingly similar in overall dimensions and weight. The Camaro, of course, has a more powerful engine to compete in the Cup Series. Which would you rather drive?