Chevy Trucks: The Right One For You

Chevy Truck Options

One of the biggest things that Chevrolet prides themselves in is the reliability and durability of their truck line. Chevy trucks come in two main models, the Colorado and the Silverado, varying in the benefits that they provide for a range of distinct customers. Here is a closer look at the specific benefits of all the Chevrolet trucks that are currently available on the market.


The Chevrolet Colorado is the smallest of all the trucks that Chevrolet makes. It is not too often when you can purchase a truck that gets great gas mileage, however this is one of the best Chevy trucks in this department. This midsize truck offers great highway mileage, at an EPA estimated 26 miles per gallon. Additionally, the Colorado has a new ability to connect to wireless 4G LTE. Also, the Colorado has Forward Collision Alert and Lane Departure Warning providing drivers with the safest possible ride.

Silverado 1500

If you like Chevy trucks, but want something bigger than the midsize Colorado, the Silverado line is the way to go. The Silverado 1500 is a full-sized pickup truck that offers owners a rugged and durable option. One of the biggest benefits of the 1500 is its towing ability. This truck can tow up to 12,000 pounds. At the same time, the 1500 offers quality gas mileage with an EPA estimated 16 miles per gallon in town, and 23 on the highway.

Silverado 2500 HD

For truck enthusiasts who like the Silverado model, but want something stronger than the 1500, the Silverado 2500 HD is a great choice. This truck offers the ability to tow up to 17,000 pounds and carries a payload ability of up to 3,760 pounds. The Vortec 6.0L V8 engine in the 2500 HD provides owners with a strength out of this truck that they simply will not be able to get from the Colorado or Silverado 1500.

Silverado 3500 HD  

So the 2500 isn't big or strong enough for you? No worries. The biggest of the trucks that Chevrolet has to offer is the Silverado 3500 HD. The 3500 has the ability to tow almost two times as much as the 1500 at an astounding 23,200 pounds. Is that not enough power for you? Well, the 3500 also has the ability to load much more than the 2500 in the bed of the truck coming in at a max payload of 7.374 lbs. If you are looking for the most heavy-duty of the Chevrolet trucks, and longest lasting truck on the market, then the 3500 is perfect for you.

Chevy trucks offer a wide range of benefits depending on the type of truck that you are looking for. From the Colorado to the Silverado 3500, there are options for any type of truck owner.

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