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The Hummer brand started as a military vehicle in the late 1970s, but in 1992, General Motors acquired the brand and began producing civilian versions.

Hummer | Full Size SUV Packing with Power

The Hummer H1 was the first civilian model, followed by the H2 and H3. These large, rugged SUVs were designed for off-road use and quickly became popular among adventure-seekers and families who loved the outdoors. The H2 and H3 were more affordable and practical for everyday use than the H1, but still retained the Hummer's signature bold and rugged styling.

Despite their popularity, the brand faced the heat by consumers for their fuel economy and environmental impact, leading to the discontinuation of the Hummer brand in 2010. However, the brand was revived in 2020 with the release of the Hummer EV, an all-electric pickup truck with impressive off-road capabilities and exquisite interior designs.

Maintain Your Hummer with Proper Performance Parts

Hummers are designed for rugged performance and long-lasting quality. But these SUVs only go so far as their auto parts do. That's why it is important to optimize your engine performance with genuine Hummer products by GM. Pick out new belts and hoses, new air filters, or add-ons like a roof rack.

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When your Hummer is in need of replacement engine parts or you wish to go to town accessorizing on your SUVs interior or exterior, you can order everything you need directly from our online Hummer parts store. We make it so simple to pair with what fits your model year best and our nationwide shipping can get your order to you quick! Feel free to reach out on our contact page if you have any parts related questions or concerns about an upcoming order.