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Chevy Silverado 1500 Accessories

Your Chevy Silverado 1500 has a lot to offer for both work and play - and with a few simple accessories, you can increase functionality and even longevity. Here are the genuine OEM accessories that will help you do just that.

All-Weather Floor Mats

Keeping the floor of your truck clean can be a chore, especially if you use your truck for work. Rather than dragging snow or dirt onto the carpeted floors, put down a set of all-weather mats to protect the carpet. They conform to the interior contours for an excellent fit and a customized look. They have molded grid patterns that collect the dust, snow, rain, and dirt, as well as a nibbed back that will hold them in place. Front and rear seat mats are sold separately.

Silverado 1500 All Weather Mats 23452768

Front Seat Mats – Set of 2 23452768
Rear Seat Mats – Set of 2 22971475

Side Assist Steps

Sometimes getting in and out of your Silverado can be difficult. You can eliminate the difficulty by adding a set of assist steps. The assist steps come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Choose between a black powder coat and chrome.

Silverado 1500 Assist Steps 22805433

The black powder-coated finish steps have textured pads that give you grip and corrosion protection. Order the size and shape you need for your truck here.

4-inch Round 22805433
6-inch Oval 22820410

The chrome steps are plated with the highest quality chrome that produces a mirror finish and has the same durability that you find in bumpers. The step pads are made from UV-resistant, high-impact TPO plastic that keeps them from cracking or fading in the most extreme temperatures. The plastic offers great traction.

4-inch Round 22805434
6-inch Oval 22820409

Bed Liner

Not only will this bed liner keep your cargo from shifting around in the back of your truck, but it will also protect the bed of your truck from damage that cargo can cause. Part number 17802217 is a fully ribbed bedliner that comes with a skid-resistant floor. This keeps cargo in place while in transit. It comes with a tailgate liner. Available in black.

Silverado 1500 Bed Liner 17802217

Side Bed Step

If you need easy access to your toolbox or any other items stored in the bed of your truck, you need this retractable sidestep that has been designed to make it easy to get to hard-to-reach items. Part number 22799283 mounts on either side of your Silverado. You can flip it down with your foot, which makes it hands-free. Kick it back up when you are done.

Silverado 1500 Bed Step 22799283

Carpeted Floor Mats

If you want to keep the interior of your Silverado looking new, then add a set of carpeted floor mats. They are custom-designed for a perfect fit. They offer a moisture barrier between your feet and the carpet in your truck and have raised edges that keep mud, snow, and dirt all contained for easy cleaning. They are sold in sets of two, and the front and rear are sold separately. Choose from the following colors/sets:

Silverado 1500 Carpeted Floor Mats 23209728

Front Mats – Set of 2

Cocoa 23209727
Cashmere 19207121

Rear Mats – Set of 2

Black 19121928

First Aid Kit

Keeping your family safe while you are traveling is a lot easier when you are prepared. This first aid kit contains everything you need should a minor emergency arise. A small, compact kit that comes with a range of first aid items. It will fit easily in the glove box, back seat pouch, or into your overhead storage system. It is black and comes with a white GM logo on it.

Silverado 1500 First Aid Kit 88960626

Folding Tonneau Cover

Protect your cargo from theft or damage from the elements by installing this hard, folding Tonneau cover. It offers quick and easy access to your truck’s cargo area since it is a quad-fold design that is easy to open and close. It is flat and smooth. Part number 19302797 has an integrated lock and latch assembly and secure 6-point attachment. It comes with stainless steel, full-length hinges built with water-resistant seals. It is designed with a rigid aluminum frame and textured aluminum panels that have been coated with UV-resistant coating for protection from the sun. It comes in black.

Silverado 1500 Folding Tonneau Cover 19302797

Recovery Hooks

These front recover hooks add functionality and enhance the appearance of your 1500. These hooks come in handy for vehicle recovery, but should never be used to tow a vehicle. They come in your choice of black or chrome finishes.

Silverado 1500 Recovery Hooks 23236699

Roadside Emergency Kit

You never know when you may need help, and this roadside emergency kit - part number 23154708 - provides you with a variety of items that can come in handy should you have an emergency. You may get items like bungee cords, gloves, a flashlight, a fuse kit, a multi-bit screwdriver, and more. All of these components are packed into a black storage bag that keeps all of your emergency tools in one place.

Silverado 1500 Roadside Emergency Kit 23154708

Splash Guards

Splashguards are designed to keep your truck’s paint job safe from flying rocks, mud, and debris. In addition to protecting the paint, they add to the overall appearance of your Silverado. The splash guards are sold in pairs and fit right behind your front or rear wheels. Front and rear guards are sold separately. These splash guards come in a variety of colors like black, silver, or white.

Silverado 1500 Splash Guards 22902391

Front Guards

Black 22902391
Silver 22902394
White 22902392

Rear Guards

Black 22894865
Silver 22902404
White 22902405

Tie Down Hooks

Moving cargo is no problem when you add these tie-down rings to the bed of your Silverado. Keep your cargo from sliding around by securely anchoring it in place. Part number 23146899 is a set of four rings.

Silverado 1500 Tie Down Hooks 23146899

Bed Toolbox

You need a place to keep your tools, and this aluminum, stationary toolbox - part number 19170990 - is the perfect accessory for your Silverado. It can store up to 250 pounds of equipment and mounts securely to the cargo bed without the need to drill holes. It has a diamond pattern on it.

Silverado 1500 Toolbox 19170990

Vinyl Soft Tonneau Cover

Keep the cargo in the bed of your Silverado safe from the elements by adding this soft Tonneau cover - part number 22772362 - to your truck bed. It is constructed of durable and lightweight grained vinyl. It comes in black and easily rolls up when you need to get into the bed or when you want to put it into storage. 

Silverado 1500 Vinyl Soft Tonneau Cover 22772362

Any of these accessories would make an awesome addition to your Silverado. Check them out now and customize your ride today!