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The Oldsmobile Cutlass was introduced in 1961, and it continued production until 1999. During that time, it became the most popular nameplates in the 1970s. It started as a trim level for the F85 before becoming a model in and of itself. It started as a coupe in the 1950s, and it was Oldsmobile's compact car and had the lowest price tag. This made it economical and practical for the average car owner. 

When you take care of your Cutlass, you make sure that you use genuine OEM parts to replace any worn out parts. You can find replacement parts for your Cutlass at

  • Exhaust System - The exhaust system on your Cutlass ensures that your vehicle does not expel an inordinate amount of pollutants into the atmosphere. Like all parts, over time, they wear out. At some point you may need to replace the exhaust manifold or the gasket for the manifold. We can help you with those parts, and we carry other parts like the heat shield, crossover pipe and converter.
  • Electrical - There is more to the electrical system than just the battery. You can wear out a starter, alternator or ignition switch. We carry those parts for your Cutlass, as well as powertrain controls, bulbs, switches, side marker lamps, wipers and the horn.

When you buy Cutlass replacement parts from, you get helpful and empowered parts associates who are ready to answer all of your questions and ensure that you get the lowest total price shipped direct to your door through our price match guarantee.