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In 2004, Chevrolet introduced their new compact car, the Cobalt. It took the place of the Cavalier, and it was in production until 2010. It is a popular car because it is easy on the pocket by being economical to drive. It made a great rental car and came in either a coupe or a sedan body style. 

You use genuine OEM replacement parts any time that you need to replace or repair parts on your Cobalt. stocks your replacement Cobalt parts.

  • Brakes - As part of your regular maintenance, you make sure that your brakes have lots of stopping power by changing worn pads or warped rotors, but you should check the lines for leaks and the calipers for sticking. If you need to replace a caliper or need a new brake line, we can help. Additionally, we carry hubs, master cylinders, brake pads, shoes and axles.
  • HVAC - If you are having trouble keeping the interior of your Cobalt cool, you may have a problem with the air conditioning system. There may be a leak in the line or a compressor may not be operating properly. When you need to replace these parts, we can help you. Also, we have condensers, heaters, blower motors, evaporators, controls, switches and sensors for your vehicle.
  • Wheels - The OEM wheels on your Cobalt are essential. Should one become damaged, replace it with the highest quality factory replacement. Find your OEM Cobalt wheels here.

When you order your parts from us, our helpful and empowered parts associates will get you the lowest total price shipped direct to your door and quick order processing - same day shipping in most cases.