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When it was time to make a luxury roadster, Cadillac stepped up and introduced the XLR. It was produced between 2003 and 2009, and it was built on the Y-platform. The convertible had a retractable hardtop, and it was equipped with heated and cooled leather seats as part of its standard equipment. It was the first Cadillac that used radar Adaptive cruise control, and it had wood trim interior and a six-speed automatic transmission. 

You like to drive your XLR because it is not only sporty but it is comfortable and well-mannered on the highways. You keep it maintained and use genuine OEM replacement parts. carries your XLR parts.

  • Suspension - You expect a smooth ride from Cadillac, and your XLR was built to glide over the road. If you start to feel the bumps in the road, you might be experiencing worn shocks or a bad axle. We can help you replace those parts as well as hubs, stabilizer bars, control arms, ride control or wheels. .
  • Electrical - It is high-tech and filled with parts that can wear out over time. The electrical system may include the battery, but in order to keep it charged, other parts need to be operating. You may need to replace the alternator. We carry those parts and more like the lumbar control seats, navigation system, backup lamps, ignition system, instruments and gauges.

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