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The 2007 Cadillac XLR is a 2-door coupe sport roadster that's filled with luxury features and powered by a 4.6 liter engine and 6-speed automatic transmission. Because you enjoy driving your XLR, you make sure it's well maintained. You order only genuine OEM Cadillac parts because they're exact fit replacement parts.

  • Belts - Your engine needs belts in order to keep all the parts running, and a bad belt can be disastrous to your motor. When you do regular maintenance on your car, check the belts for wear. We carry all of your maintenance parts like belts, hoses and filters.
  • Brake Pads - You count on the brakes to stop your vehicle when you press the brake pedal. If the brake pads are worn, they won't be able to grip the wheel, so replace them as soon as you notice a loss of brake power. We have brake pads, calipers and more.
  • Water Pumps - Your engine needs to be kept cool, and the coolant in your radiator does that. The water pump keeps the coolant flowing. A bad water pump can cause your engine to overheat and fail. We carry water pumps, hoses and cooling system parts for your vehicle.

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