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The 2006 Cadillac CTS is designed and engineered as a luxury executive car that is the perfect business vehicle. The 2006 version was equipped with a 6.0L V8 engine. When you need new parts for your CTS, buy only genuine OEM Cadillac parts because they're built to last as long as the original parts.

  • Brake Pads - The brake pads need to be changed at regular intervals on your vehicle, or you run the risk of your brakes not performing as they should. We have these and other brake parts.
  • Door Handles - The door handles are built to take a lot of wear, but they can be composed of electronics that may fail. We have replacement door handles and other door parts.
  • Oil Filters - Regular oil and oil filter changes will keep your CTS running its best. We have replacement oil, air and transmission filters.

We use VIN verification to ensure order accuracy when you shop with us. Our experienced parts staff can answer any questions you might have. Order your parts today.