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On the market since 1958, the 2004 Cadillac Deville is part of the eighth generation of Devilles.  This year, GM's innovation offered Deville models with Night Vision, heated steering wheels and heated seats. Six passengers can enjoy a ride through a winter's night. When you need new 2004 Deville parts, you order genuine OEM Cadillac parts and accessories.

  • Starters - The starter turns the engine over when you use the key. It sends the first spark. If it's bad, your engine won't start. We have starters, alternators and other electrical parts.
  • Oil Filters - Anytime you change the oil in your car, change the oil filter. You don't want clean oil running through a dirty filter. We carry oil filters, fuel filters and air filters.
  • Oxygen Sensors - The oxygen sensor measures the amount of oxygen in the exhaust, ensuring the proper mixture is used. When this sensor goes bad, you might notice a loss of fuel efficiency and an illuminated check engine light. We have this sensor and others for your vehicle.

When you buy your genuine OEM GM parts from us, you get genuine parts that are made to meet the specifications of GM. We also offer you the lowest total price, shipped to your door. Shop now.