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The SC1 from Saturn is a trim package on the Saturn SC, which is the sport coupe. The SC1 had an SOHC 1.9 liter engine with 85 horsepower that later was upgraded to 100 horses. It came with few features and did not have a trunk lid reflector or a rear stabilizer bar. It was lightweight, economical and had a 99.2-inch wheelbase. They were produced between 1991 to 1996. 

When you drive your SC1, you want it get the best performance you can from it, so you make sure that you always replace worn parts with genuine OEM parts like those found at

  • Electrical - The battery is part of the electrical system in your SC1, and so are the lights, the horn, alternator, starter and ignition switch. If you need to replace them, we offer you these and more replacement parts like the powertrain control, cruise control or air bag components.
  • Transmission - Your transmission shifts gears for you when you drive your SC1, and regardless of whether it is an automatic transmission or a manual transmission, if a part on it fails, you will not be able to move the vehicle. We have transmission parts that fit your SC1, which include the transaxle or the drive plate.
  • Maintenance - When you need to change your oil and oil filter or replace your belts and pulleys, we have the parts you need for your SC1.

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