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The compact Saturn Ion was built on the GM Delta platform, and although it had a limited run, it was a popular fuel-efficient family car. It was the longest of the compact cars sold in the United States, so it had a lot of passenger and cargo room for a compact vehicle. By keeping your Ion maintained, you will get many years from it.

  • Brakes - Regular brake maintenance are essential to the long life of your brakes. If you change the pads regularly, you may never need to change the rotors. However, if you should need to change the rotors, calipers, brake lines or any other part that makes up the brake system, you will find them here.
  • Clutch - The clutch helps you shift gears, and it takes a lot of abuse. As your Ion ages, you may need to do clutch maintenance on it by replacing the clutch plate, flywheel, actuator or master cylinder. We can help you replace and repair your Ion's clutch.
  • Fuel System - There is a fuel filter in your Ion that should be changed at regular intervals in order to keep impurities out of the engine. We offer the filter and other fuel related parts like the cruise control, throttle body, intake manifold and supercharger parts.

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