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Pontiac offered its SUV, the Torrent, from 2006 until 2010. Although it was built like the Equinox, it had a firmer suspension that gave it better handling and a more sport-like driving experience. It was a mid-sized crossover SUV with either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. 

You like to drive your Torrent because it is sporty, and you like to make sure that you use genuine OEM replacement parts to ensure factory performance. stocks Torrent parts

  • Steering - Part of the fun of driving the Torrent is the ability to navigate sweeping turns on winding roads. If your power steering pump is not working, it could be that turning is not that much fun anymore. You want to replace any worn out steering parts like the pump, and we can help. We also have other steering parts like the column, wheel, linkage and more.
  • Exhaust - In order to get the best performance from your vehicle, the exhaust system is set up to use as much of the oxygen that it can. If a sensor goes out, then you may notice less performance from your engine. We have replacement sensors and other exhaust parts like the muffler, pipes, hangers, manifolds and more. .

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