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Pontiac designed and produced a luxury performance vehicle, and they put the Grand Prix badge on it. It first hit the streets in 1962, and the last one was produced in 2008. It was built for speed and power, and it was part of the racing circuit for many years. You can keep your Grand Prix delivering the same power and performance by doing regular maintenance and replacing worn parts.

  • Transmission - Since it is a sports car, the transmission makes all the difference in the world to the Grand Prix, and you want to keep it maintained. You may need to do more than change the fluid. We can provide you with the parts that you need like torque converters, drive plate or transaxle.
  • Suspension - The suspension is instrumental in the ride you get from your car, so you need to keep the springs and axles in great shape or lose the smooth ride. We stock component like knuckles, control arms, struts, ball joints and bearings along will shocks, wheels and axles.
  • Body - This is a showy car, and you want to keep it looking that way, so you replace any parts that are damaged. We have small and large body parts for your Grand Prix. Parts from fuse box labels to rear bumpers are all part of our inventory.

We offer a price match guarantee (read the details here) that ensures that you will get the lowest total price shipped direct to your door. Speak to one of our helpful and empowered parts associates and order your Grand Prix parts today.