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The 2010 Cadillac Escalade is considered an SUV and comes with either four doors and a truck utility body or five doors with a liftback. The 2010 models offer Flex fuel or hybrid options and maintain a Cadillac luxury. When you need new parts for your Escalade, you know that only genuine OEM Cadillac parts will give you the optimum performance because they're built to meet the specifications of GM.

  • Belts - If you don't change your timing belt at regular intervals, it can break. If it does, it can destroy your engine. We have belts, hoses and other maintenance parts to keep your Escalade running smoothly.
  • Brake Pads - A fresh set of brake pads gives your car the best stopping power. As part of your regular maintenance, change the brake pads on your vehicle, and check the calipers and rotors for wear. We stock brake pads, rotors and calipers.
  • Water Pumps - The water pump moves the coolant from the radiator to the engine and back to keep your engine running cool. If the water pump goes bad, the lack of coolant can cause the engine to overheat and become damaged. We carry radiators, thermostats and water pumps.

When you buy your genuine OEM GM parts from GMPartsCenter.net, you get parts that you know are going to fit your Cadillac because they're manufactured to the factory specifications. We offer the lowest total price, shipped to your door. Shop now.