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The 2009 Cadillac SRX is the last year in the first generation of these 5-door crossover SUVs. This is a rear-wheel drive vehicle with a sport package on it. Because it's roomy, there is a lot of storage space, as well as a roof rack. It's a great vacation vehicle, and you take good care of your SRX. You buy OEM Cadillac parts whenever you need new parts because they're built to last as long as the original part.

  • Air Filters - The engine in your Cadillac needs clean, fresh air to breathe if you're going to get the best fuel efficiency from the car. A clean air filter will keep out dirt and debris. We have air filters, oil filters and other maintenance parts.
  • Fuel Pumps - The fuel pump in your fuel tank pumps the gas from the tank to the engine. It goes through a series of gas lines before it gets to the engine. A bad pump will make the engine stall. We carry fuel pumps, fuel lines and fuel caps.
  • Starters - If your car doesn't start when you turn the key, the starter may be bad. A bad starter won't give the engine the initial spark it needs to get it started. We carry starters, batteries and other electrical components.

When you buy your genuine OEM GM parts from GMPartsCenter.net, you get parts that you know are going to fit your Cadillac. We offer the lowest total price shipped to your door because we have a price match guarantee on genuine GM parts. Shop today.