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The 2008 Cadillac DTS is a touring Deville derivative that's made for long-distance driving. Its stability track with brake assist keeps you and your passengers safe, and many DTS models include satellite radio. The large cabin provides of the comfort and convenience you would expect from a Cadillac. When you need new parts for your DTS, buy genuine OEM Cadillac parts. OEM parts are exact replacement parts that are optimized to meet the factory performance standards.

  • Belts - Your engine relies on belts to keep all of the parts moving. A broken belt can result in a broken engine. The belts need to be replaced at regular intervals because they wear out. We carry belts, filters, hoses and other maintenance parts.
  • Brake Pads - A brake pad will need to be replaced at regular intervals if you want the brakes to maintain a good grip. When you change the brake pads, check the calipers and rotors for wear. We carry all the brake parts you need.
  • Water Pumps - When a water pump goes bad, the coolant won't be able to get from your radiator to your engine. That can cause significant engine damage. We have replacement water pumps, radiators, hoses and other cooling parts.

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