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Your 2007 Buick Rendezvous is the last production year of this mid-sized crossover SUV. It combined the best of a van with the platform of a truck to give you a vehicle that was built for travel. When you need replacement parts for your Rendezvous, use genuine Chevrolet parts because you know they're going to fit.

  • Air Filters - Change the air filter regularly in order to ensure fresh air is always getting to your engine. Because it's their job to get rid of dirt and other particles, the filters eventually become blocked. We carry replacement filters like air, transmission, fuel and oil.
  • Fuel Pumps - If the engine is stalling, your fuel pump may be going bad. A failing fuel pump will eventually stop sending any fuel to the engine. Replace it with a genuine OEM GM fuel pump like those found here.
  • Starters - The starter ensures the Rendezvous starts, and if it fails, your SUV's engine will not turn over. We carry replacement starters, alternators, batteries and other electrical parts.

When you buy from us, you get our price match guarantee on genuine GM parts that are shipped to your door for the lowest total price.

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