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The 1985 Buick Electra was completely redesigned and given front-wheel drive, and built on the C Body. It was smaller than previous years, and it replaced the V8 with a 3.0 V6. There were three trim levels that included the Park Avenue. When you wear out your Electra parts, then replace them with OEM Buick parts that are made to last as long as the original parts.

  • Gaskets and Seals - The seals and gaskets in your vehicle keep parts from leaking. Gaskets can start to leak due to age, so keep an eye out for leaks as your vehicle ages. We have gaskets, seals and other maintenance parts.
  • Water Pump - The water pump keeps the coolant flowing throughout the engine. If you notice a rising temperature, you may have a problem with your pump. We have replacement pumps, hoses and other cooling system parts.
  • Alternator - A bad alternator will not be able to charge up your battery, which can result in a loss of power to your electronics. We have replacement alternators, starters and other electrical parts.

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