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The Pontiac Grand Am hovered between mid-sized and compact as its body styles changed over the years. It was produced between 1972 and 1975, again between 1978 and 1980 and finally between 1985 and 2005. It was Pontiac's best-selling car and is popular with car enthusiasts, as well as anyone who likes a sporty vehicle that offers performance and good looks. 

You like to drive your Grand Am because it is fun to drive, and it looks great going down the road. When you need to replace parts, you use genuine OEM parts like those found at

  • Brakes - As part of your regular maintenance, you make sure that your brake pads are in good shape, and you check the lines for fluid leaks. You even make sure that the calipers are not sticking. However, you may need to replace other brake parts like the master cylinder, rotor, ABS modulator or even the parking brake. We can help you with these parts and more like the hubs, bearings, studs and other parts.
  • Cooling System - You make sure that you use the proper amount of coolant in your radiator and check the hoses for leaks. A faulty water pump can keep the coolant from reaching your engine and cause it to overheat. We have water pumps, pulleys, belts, thermostats and replacement hoses for your Grand Am.

When you buy your parts from us, you get our helpful and empowered parts associates who will get you the lowest total price shipped direct to your door because we offer a price match guarantee (read the details here.)