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The Pontiac G8 had a short run in the United States due to the suspension of the Pontiac name, so this was only produced in 2008 before the factory shut down. The G8 is a rear-wheel-drive car that originated in Australia, where it was known as a Holden Commodore. It replaced the 1986 Bonneville, which was the last four-door, rear-wheel-drive passenger vehicle from Pontiac. 

Your G8 delivers great performance, and you like the comfort and upgraded sound system in your car, so you make sure that all replacement parts are genuine OEM parts. carries G8 parts.

  • Body - Your G8 is good looking, and you want to keep it that way by replacing any part that has been dented or damaged. While most parts are not safety issues like a broken side mirror can be, they still are made to be part of the integrity of the vehicle, so you want to replace bumpers, fenders, doors and other parts. We have these parts and more like antennas, interior trim, floor panels, hoods and roofs.
  • Emission System - Part of the emission system makes sure that you get good gas mileage and keep your pollutant levels down. When sensors or other internal parts go bad, you may get poor engine performance. We carry G8 emission parts like vapors, purge valves, MAP sensors, oxygen sensors and more.

Our helpful and empowered parts associates make sure that you get the lowest total price shipped direct to your door by using our price match guarantee on your order.