Why the Tahoe is the Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Family Vehicle

Imagine you’re waiting in the pickup lane at school to get your kids. There’s a loud crashing sound, then a yell. When you look in your rearview mirror, you can see ghoulish creatures staggering around. This is it, the moment you’ve been planning for since you were a kid: the Zombie Apocalypse is here! It’s all going to be okay though because:

  1. The kids are safe and in the car, and
  2. You drive a Chevy Tahoe, the ultimate zombie apocalypse vehicle

Make a Break For It

Off-road Tahoe

Your first move is to get back to the house to pick up the rest of the family, pets, and supplies, but the roads are blocked! It looks like everyone has abandoned their cars and taken off on foot. Good thing that's not problem for your Tahoe; it has awesome off-road capabilities. You throw that sucker in neutral, engage the 4WD, and go around.

Tahoe cargo

Fortunately the Tahoe has massive cargo space, so you have room for everything your spouse has packed up. Since the Tahoe has exceptional weight capacity for its size, there’s no worries about the weight. Just strap it all down with the cargo net and it’s time to pack up the pets. Thanks to running boards, you can get your elderly dog in without hurting his back. The cat is safely in the crate and between the kids in the back seat. Time to fly!

Facing the Dangers

Since your city isn't safe, you have to head to the nearest sanctuary. Floor it! Thanks to the Tahoe's powerful 5.3L engine, the zombies can’t catch you now! Not to mention, it’s more fuel efficient than other large vehicles. So that full tank is going to get you pretty far.

All seems clear until a Corvette comes out of nowhere and crosses the intersection in front of you at the last second! No worries, your Tahoe has VAC power 4-wheel disc/antilock brakes, so it stopped on a dime. Even if impact had occurred, the Tahoe has superior front and side safety ratings.

Night falls fast, and pretty soon you're driving off-road in the dead of night. Thanks to your powerful headlights and fog lights, you're able to see just fine. If you run into a stray branch or rampaging zombie, not to worry - you added an aftermarket grill guard that can absorb impacts.

You come upon a stuck vehicle driven by a neighbor, and they need help. You winch them out. You find another neighbor who's run out of gas - you tow them to the nearest gas station. You find an abandoned vehicle packed with supplies, and you decide to load up what you found on the roof rack of your Tahoe.

It Was All a Dream

You and your family roll up to the nearest military base, the Tahoe still with half a tank of gas. The gates are locked, but you use the recovery hooks in the bumper and a chain to rip the gate it open. Inside, you meet a man who tells you that everyone is infected, and...then someone shines something bright in your eyes. The light gets brighter until it's blinding. You wake up to a doctor waving a light in your face, telling you you've been in the hospital for a week after an accident. It was all a dream!

You Would Have Made it Because of Your Tahoe

Tahoe seating

Dream or not, the Tahoe is the ultimate zombie apocalypse family vehicle, and the infographic below highlights exactly why. It can seat seven people, a dog, a cat in a crate, AND it still has plenty of cargo room for supplies. The Tahoe's suspension is set up for a smooth on-road ride, but it also has plenty of off-road capability. Additionally, it has high crash test ratings, it's durable, and replacement parts are readily available.

Tahoe zombie IG

You might not have purchased your Tahoe with the zombie apocalypse in mind, but you can see it's a good vehicle to have...just in case.