GMC Vans: Cargo vs. Passenger

GMC Vans Cargo vs Passenger


When looking into buying GMC vans, there are two main models you should consider: the Savana Cargo Van and the Savana Passenger Van. While you might think that the main difference between the two vans is simply in the title of the vehicle, you would be surprised at the different features these GMC vans have to offer. Here is a look at some of the similarities, differences, and benefits of the GMC Savana Cargo Van and the GMC Savana Passenger Van. 


The first thing to understand when looking at these two GMC vans is that they were designed for two different purposes. 

The cargo van only has the ability to carry two people; the driver and a front seat passenger. This van was made for the intent of hauling cargo and is suited very effectively for many types of companies. At first glance, you might think that the van is very simple. There is the front seats, and the open spaced back. However, the cargo van offers much more in its storage ability. 

Due to pro-access side lift panels, as well as a storage rack on the top of the van, this vehicle allows owners to not only store things in the back of the van, but in the side bins and top compartment as well. This creates an unmatched storage capacity that you just don't see in other Vans. 

Storage capacity is not the only thing that the Savana Cargo van focuses on. This van also offers quality performance through features such as all wheel drive, traction control, and the option to choose between a V8 and V6 engine. Additionally, this van offers the option to fully run on compressed natural gas, which can help you save money. 


While these two GMC vans are similar in outside appearance, the interior could not be more different. The Savana Passenger Van can utilize different seating arrangements that allow for a staggering 8, 12, or 15 people! Not all of the passenger vans call for this amount of seating though. One of the best parts about the passenger van is the fact that they can be changed to provide accommodation for wheelchair lifts for those in need. 

In addition to the passenger capabilities, the Savana Passenger Van also contains some insanely high-tech features. Through technology options such as Rear Park Assist, Rear Vision Camera, and available WiFi opportunities, this Van offers a safe and comfortable ride at all times. 

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