5 Ridiculous Fiero Mods

The Fiero's short life was marred with mechanical issues, but their popularity has improved through the years in the aftermarket world. This is largely due to their large engine bays and modifiable plastic panels, allowing Fiero fans to get...well, creative. Check out these 5 ridiculous Fiero mods.

1. 1984 Fiero V8

Fiero V8

The Fiero was brand new in 1984 and came with a stock 4 cylinder engine that left consumers wanting more power. Enter this crazy Fiero mod nearly 28 years later that answers the call. Equipped with an inter-cooled, fuel-injected V8, this Fiero is a testament to what can happen when you combine an average car and a big imagination. Street legal and primed for racing, a slick paint job and a slew of thoughtful features make this Fiero a diamond in the rough.

2. Dune Buggy

Dune buggy Fiero 1

Dune buggy Fiero 2

If you had the extra time and money to mod any car you wanted, would you choose to turn a discarded Fiero into a dune buggy? This guy did, and the result is killer. Talk about taking a crazy idea and running with it!

To get the dune-buggy look down, this owner cut the fenders, added some roll-tube bumpers, and installed some flashy wheels.

3. 1986 FieroKart

Chopped Fiero 1
Chopped Fiero 2
Chopped Fiero 3

The words “off-road” and “Fiero” are almost never spoken in the same sentence, but this chopped-up masterpiece has us biting our tongues. To get the stripped-down look, the owner got rid of nearly every body panel. They kept the original 2.8L V6, which probably has a little more pop thanks to the weight that was shed. The only thing we see missing is a duplicate FieroKart for some serious off-road races.

4. Fiero “Feno”

Feno Fiero 1
Feno Fiero 2

Stock Fieros definitely had the “cool factor” going on, but this 1984 mod is on another level thanks to a double-take worthy “Feno” body kit. Inside is an upgraded 5.7L V8 that cranks out 300 horsepower. The owner of this Fiero kept the manual transmission and some other stock part but added a new steering wheel and a new odometer to go with the new engine.

5. Fiero Trike

Fiero trike 1
Fiero trike 2

We saved the craziest for last. This 1985 Fiero Trike begins with a wheelbase a few feet longer than stock and features a large, square front windshield. While we’re concerned about the lack of seat belts, we wouldn’t say “no” to taking this insane ride to the streets just to say we did. We have plenty of questions about this crazy mod, but none more pressing than where the passenger puts their legs.

Which crazy Fiero mod is your favorite?