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The SL series from Saturn are compact vehicles that were manufactured from 1991 until 2002. The SL stood for Sedan Level model with four doors and front-wheel drive. They came with a manual transmission, which made them one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles in the United States. 

You still get great gas mileage from your SL, so you replace worn out parts with genuine OEM replacement parts to continue to get factory performance. carries replacement parts.

  • Emission System - Ensuring that the exhaust from your SL does not pollute the atmosphere is the job of the emission system. This system relies on sensors and other sensitive parts that can wear out after being exposed to heat over a long period of time. If you have a sensor going bad, you will find that your engine does not run as well as it should. We carry replacement EGR valves, PCV, MAP sensors and more.
  • Suspension - A smooth riding car is fun to drive, and if you are feeling every bump in the road, the suspension on your SL may be becoming worn out. Shocks can wear out, especially if you live on a rough road. We have replacement shocks, hubs, axles, springs and more that will get your smooth ride back.

We offer the lowest total price shipped direct to your door and quick order processing - same day shipping in most cases - when you order your parts from our helpful and empowered parts associates.