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Pontiac first gave the name Safari to their 1955 classic wagon, and then it became a trim package for the 1958 through 1991 wagons. It was built for sport, and that means it had things like sport doors, extra chrome and other additions that appealed to those who wanted sleek looks and styling. 

When you drive your Safari, you want it to perform as it did the day it was new, so you use genuine OEM replacement parts any time you need to make a repair. carries Safari parts.

  • Cooling System - Keeping your engine cool means that all of your radiator hoses are in good shape and your water pump is pushing cool water throughout the engine. If a hose springs a leak or a pump goes out, you can become overheated and damage the engine. We have those parts and others like the thermostat, radiator cap, fan belt and more.
  • Fuel System - Getting the fuel from the tank to the engine is the job of the fuel pump, and like other pumps, this one can go out in time. Should you need to replace that part, we have the replacement pump for your Safari. We also have other fuel system parts like the filler tube, gas cap, fuel tank, fuel lines and fuel filter.

When you buy your parts from us, you get our helpful and empowered parts associates who are ready to offer you our price match guarantee (read the details here) for the lowest total price shipped to your door.