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The Sunbird J2000 from Pontiac started out as a sub-compact, but quickly was redesigned to become a compact vehicle. 1982 was the year of the J2000, and it was the first of the Sunbird lineup to be a front-wheel drive car. It came with a 4-cylinder engine and was built on the J-body platform. 

Your J2000 gets great fuel economy, and you take great care of it by using genuine OEM replacement parts and doing regular fluid and filter changes. carries replacement parts for your Pontiac.

  • Maintenance - Keeping the oil and oil filter changed in your J2000 is just part of your regular maintenance routine, but you also make sure the air filter and fuel filter are changed regularly. In addition, there are belts and pulleys that need replaced after a set number of miles. We can help you with all of your filters and belts.
  • Body - Other drivers can damage the body on your J2000 by denting or scraping it in a parking lot, so you need to make sure that all damaged parts are replaced as soon as possible. A dent can give water a chance to get to bare metal and cause rust. A broken mirror is a safety hazard. We carry bumpers, hoods, doors, quarter panels, instrument panels, consoles and trim parts for your vehicle.

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