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Oldsmobile manufactured the compact Firenza between 1982 and 1988, and it came in several body styles like the station wagon and the coupe. It included a sedan and a 3-door hatchback version as well. This entry-level, front-wheel drive vehicle only had a couple trim packages available and a 3-speed automatic transmission was optional. 

You like to drive your Firenza because it gets great gas mileage and still offers room for the family, so you take great care to make sure that you change all the fluids and filters. When you need to replace parts, you use genuine OEM parts like those found at

  • Brakes - There are more parts to the brakes on your Firenza than the pads, so while you may change the pads often enough, other parts may start to wear out. Calipers can start to stick and rotors can become warped, and if you need to replace those brake parts, we can help. We have calipers, rotors, lines, pads, master cylinders, boosters and joints.
  • Maintenance - Changing your air filter is necessary in order to keep cool air circulating into your engine. A dirty filter can cause your engine to run roughly. If you have not changed your filter lately, then we can help you. We have air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, oil pans, transmission filters and more.

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