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Between 2005 and 2010, Hummer manufactured the H3, which was the smallest of the luxury SUVs from Hummer. It came with a 220 HP straight 5-cylinder engine and 5-speed manual transmission. It had a 4WD system that was controlled electronically that allowed for it to stay on full time. 

You depend on your H3 both on and off road, so you make sure that you keep it well maintained and replace all worn parts with genuine OEM parts like those found at

  • Cooling System - Keeping your H3 cool means that the coolant gets from the radiator to the engine and back again in order to keep cool fluids running through the moving parts. That is why you make sure that all of your belts and hoses are in good shape. Should you need to replace those parts or others like the radiator cap, thermostat, water pump or even the radiator, we can help.
  • Maintenance - Just like the fluids, you make sure that your oil and oil filter is changed on a regular schedule. Other maintenance that you may need to do includes changing the filter on your fuel pump or transmission. We have those parts along with belts, hoses, pulleys, air filters and more.

You get the lowest total price shipped direct to your door when you order your H3 parts from We have helpful and empowered parts associates who will provide you with quick order processing - same day shipping in most cases - on your H3 parts order.