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From 1960 until 1999, the Chevy truck was built with farmers, construction workers and other working folks in mind. This truck was a derivative of the 1924 trucks, and the C stood for 2-wheel drive and the K stood for 4-wheel drive. It was built with more emphasis on its ability to haul, tow and carry cargo than the interior comforts. 

Your pickup truck is important as a useful tool that you use for work every day, so you would not put just any part on it. You use genuine OEM parts like the ones found at

  • Brakes - Without a good set of brakes, you will not be able to stop that truck, so in addition to changing the shoes, you need to make sure that all the other brake components are in good shape. We offer pads, shoes, hubs, rotors, calipers, spindles, bearings and even parking brake parts.
  • Clutch - If you have a manual transmission in your truck, you know how much work your clutch has to do while shifting gears. This means that you may need to replace clutch parts at some point in the life of your truck. We carry pilot bearings, release forks, discs, flywheels, release bearings, pressure plates and more. is staffed by helpful and empowered parts associates that are ready to help you get the lowest total price shipped direct to your door by applying the price match guarantee, read the details here, when you order your truck parts from us.