8 Tahoes That Make the Case for Upgraded Rims

The Tahoe, at its root, is an SUV. It's a clamoring, growling 8-seater with a beast of a V8 that off-roads as smoothly as it merges onto highways. With its husky base and menacing looks, it almost reminds you of an NFL defensive lineman.

Granted, lineman are every bit as big and menacing as a Tahoe, respectively. But off the field, those giant monsters are usually dressed in a suit and tie - and they clean up pretty good.

You could treat your Tahoe the same way. When it's not busting through dirt roads or hauling a carload of people, why not give it an upgraded look? These Tahoe owners did, and the resulting rims are spectacular.

Black black Tahoe

Jet black rims on jet black tires give this Tahoe a show-stopping, model look. Unfortunately, we don't think it would fit on the catwalk.

Green rim Tahoe

Riding on Indierto-T directional wheels, the makers of this dark green Tahoe had to cut the bumpers and fenders to fit the oversized tires and rims. Not that we’re complaining…

Triple black Tahoe

Salesman: Okay, let’s go look at a Tahoe, Mr…

Customer: Black. Mr. Black.

Salesman: Alright, Mr. Black. What color Tahoe would you like?

Customer: Black.

Salesman: And the rims?

Customer: Black.

Salesman: And the tires?

Customer: Black.

Salesman: I believe we have exactly what you're looking for...

02 Tahoe rims

This 2002 Tahoe lights the way with LED headlights and a custom chrome grille. But the real showstoppers are the 30 inch Versante VE226 wheels and Fullrun tires.

Cherry red tahoe rims

Cherry red paint isn’t a common choice for Tahoes, but neither are those rims. However, we overwhelmingly approve of both.

Borghini Tahoe

We have a feeling the 26” Borghini Rims on this immaculate 2016 Tahoe didn’t come standard.

Sheriff Tahoe

If you look at the rims on this Tahoe alone, they look like a sheriff’s badge, which is appropriate considering the havoc it'd wreak in the old west.

Wow factor Tahoe

That “wow” factor you’ve been looking for? Yeah, we found it on this white 2011 Tahoe. The 26” Giovanna King 6 Rims in matte black provide the perfect pop against the white body.