Off-Road Fails: 9 Hummers Stuck in the Mud

Most kids can only dream of jumping jumping in a mud puddle before their parents stop them.

As it turns out, those kids grew into adults who bought Hummers and took their mud-splashing dreams a little to far. Here are a few of their stories:


Sinking Hummer

Have you ever had that sinking feeling that you’re not going anywhere?

That's probably what this Hummer's driver is thinking and wondering why he challenged the mud.


Roof rack Hummer

The roof rack of this Hummer could probably hold an H3 all on its own. Perfect for emergency situations like this.


Red Hummer

Yellow Hummer: Hey Red, are you coming? We’re gonna grab a quart of oil at the gas station.

Red Hummer: Yeah, one sec, I’m just stretching…you know what, I’ll meet you there.


Mud bath Hummer

Though it’s not written in the owner’s manual, most Hummers require a mud bath at least once a year.

This is what happens when that Hummer doesn’t want to get out.


Guinea pig Hummer

Being the guinea pig doesn't always pay off. Just ask this H1, who got a little stuck in a deceptive puddle.


Duck Hummer

This Hummer isn’t stuck—it’s just doing its best duck impression. Front in the water, rear end up.


Road Closed Hummer

Sign: “Road Closed”

Yellow Hummer: "LOL"


Sink swim Hummer

Sink or swim? This Hummer has made its choice.


Unstuck Hummer

As a bonus, here’s a Hummer that recently got unstuck. Can you tell?

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