Can I Replace My Own Magneride Shocks?

MagneRide is a great suspension technology. But like most suspension parts, MagneRide shocks eventually wear out. MagneRide is a complex system and it’s important to diagnose the root cause of the problem before replacing the shocks.

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Common Problems With MagneRide Shocks

Magneride shocks
  • Leaking fluid from piston seals
  • Stiffness or seizing
  • Worn bushings

The most common problem with MagneRide shocks is leaking hydraulic fluid from piston seals that have failed or degraded with age. A visual inspection will show obvious signs of fluid stains or leakage on the shock body. Leaking fluid will eventually affect the ride quality and lead to squeaking or clunking noises.

Another common problem with Magneride shocks is stiffness or seizing up. Iron particles in the shock hydraulic fluid are controlled by electromagnets to change the flow of the fluid. It’s important to determine if the electrical circuits are working properly before replacing the shock absorber. Removing current from the shock allows the hydraulic fluid to flow freely inside. If the ride quality improves after unplugging the electrical connector, there is likely an electrical fault in the system.

The rubber bushings that isolate the shock absorber at the mounting points may also fail. The bushings can crack and deteriorate with age. When the bushings fail, it may lead to squeaking, rattling, or clunking noises while driving.

Noticeable Symptoms Of Worn MagneRide Shocks

  • Visible fluid leak
  • Stiff or harsh ride
  • Bouncy ride
  • Vehicle sway when cornering

Can I Replace My Own MagneRide Shocks?

Magneride shocks GM

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Replacing MagneRide shocks is similar to replacing standard shock absorbers. The main difference is an electrical connector that attaches to the shock body. If a MagneRide shock absorber is bad, it’s important to get the correct fitting OEM replacement part with the correct connector.

Purchasing a MagneRide shock absorber that is not designed and tuned for your specific vehicle can adversely affect ride and handling. It’s very important to replace shock absorbers in pairs on the same axle. Even if only one shock is failing, the other shock still has an equal amount of wear and mileage. Mismatched shocks can cause poor handling and uneven ride quality.

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