Are OEM Cadillac Brake Rotors Better Than Aftermarket?

Have your Cadillac’s rotors gone bad? Before you set out to replace them, you may need to decide whether to get OEM or aftermarket replacement rotors. If you are having a hard time deciding between the two options, this guide will help you reach an educated decision.

In this guide, we’re going to discuss the 3 most important features to look for in a brake rotor and then see how OEM and aftermarket rotors stack up against each other.

1. Compatibility With the OEM Brake Pads

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A lot of aftermarket rotor manufacturers advertise that their rotors are made with better quality materials than their OEM counterparts. While quality always matters when it comes to car parts - and GM understands this, as all GM rotors are built with high quality materials - it isn't the only thing that matters.

What really matters is compatibility with your Cadillac’s OEM brake pads. OEM rotors are designed with the right combination of materials to create the ideal amount of heat and friction with OEM brake pads. That means your OEM rotors will last a long time without any issues, and your Cadillac’s braking performance will remain good.

Most people think that rotors are all made from the exact same type of cast iron, but that isn't true. Additives in the iron can cause it to be either softer or harder. When you put a set of aftermarket rotors on your Cadillac, you’re running the risk of incompatibility between the rotors and the OEM brake pads. For example, the aftermarket rotors may be too hard for the OEM brake pads, and that will result in weak braking. If the aftermarket rotors are too soft for the OEM brake pads, then the rotors will wear down quickly.

2. Size

You might be thinking, “a rotor is just one big metal disc, so size shouldn’t matter that much.” Well, even though the rotor’s design is pretty simple, its size matters a whole lot.

The rotors have to be just the right diameter and thickness in order to work properly. If the diameter is too big, then the rotors simply won’t fit on your Cadillac. If the rotor is either a couple millimeters too thin or too thick, then your Cadillac’s brakes will be too weak or too sensitive, respectively.

Some aftermarket rotor manufacturers cut corners by making the rotor plates thinner than stock. (The rotor plates are the braking surfaces of the rotor, and they usually have fins between them.) This save the manufacturer some money, but the rotors will wear out sooner.

When you get a set of OEM brake rotors that are designed specifically for your Cadillac, you’ll have the peace of mind that the size is just right for the rotors to perform well within the braking system.

With aftermarket rotors, there’s no telling if the size is correct. Aftermarket manufacturers design their parts to their own specs, and their specs don’t always match OEM specs.

3. Warranty Coverage

All genuine OEM GM parts, including brake rotors, are backed by GM’s 24-month/unlimited mile warranty. It’s pretty rare for aftermarket parts to be covered by some sort of a warranty policy. Even if you find aftermarket rotors that are warrantied, chances are high that the warranty policy doesn’t cover much anyway.

Conclusion: OEM Rotors are Better Than Aftermarket Rotors

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When you look at the big picture, you’ll find that OEM rotors are cheaper and more affordable than aftermarket rotors. OEM rotors are built to last much longer than aftermarket rotors.  And, you’ll get to have your OEM rotors replaced for free if, for some reason, you find a defect at no fault of your own within 24 months of installation.

Where to Find Genuine OEM Replacement Rotors

People commonly get OEM car parts at their nearest dealership. However, what a lot of people don’t realize is that dealerships jack up their prices a lot and they can find the exact same OEM parts online for much cheaper. In fact, you can order genuine OEM GM brake rotors from us at wholesale pricing.  Just look up your Cadillac model in our catalog to see if we have a set of OEM brake rotors for your car!