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11 Nostalgia-Inducing Corvette Ads

The Chevrolet Corvette is as American as baseball and apple pie. And when it comes to the history of this legendary sports car, it's okay to get a little nostalgic - especially when it comes to these vintage ads:


Nostalgic vette ad1

The "Revolutionary!" and "Sensational" Corvette was brand new in 1953 when this ad was printed.


Nostalgic vette ad2

We hope GM gave whoever came up with this tagline a raise.


Nostalgic vette ad3

Shoutout to all the kids who turned their Hot Wheels Corvette into a real-life car.


Nostalgic vette ad4

With that fuzzy guy up front, we wouldn't want to leave anyway.


Nostalgic vette ad5

Those aren't nutrition facts at the bottom of this ad - it's all the ways the 1975 Corvette outpaces its European competitors.


Nostalgic vette ad6

The Corvette Sting Ray was like Cupid's arrow - once you were hit, you couldn't go back!


Nostalgic vette ad7

Alanis Morissette would have loved this Corvette, considering how well it does in the rain. That would have been ironic, don't ya think?


Nostalgic vette ad8

225hp from a V8 engine in the early 50s? Not too shabby.


Nostalgic vette ad9

Turns out Chevy was really on point when it came to their cat ads! Take note of the floating feline on the top right.


Nostalgic vette ad10

Not a normal ad per se, but this old classified ad in a Chicago newspaper is pretty neat.


Nostalgic vette ad11

We don't blame you, Santa...we don't blame you one bit. Besides, those reindeer had a lot of miles on them anyway.