9 Lifted Suburbans We'd Take Off the Beaten Path

Three things that are better raised: bread products, hands at concerts, and Chevrolet Suburbans. 

Don't believe us? Then check out these 9 lifted Suburbans that are so high, they'd make airplanes jealous.


Lift Suburban white

We love the white look and all, but those wheels make us wish we could take this Suburban through a mud pit.


Lift Suburban blk

This Suburban must be a fan of AC/DC.


Lift Suburban medic

We have a feeling this lifted Suburban isn't really an ambulance, but we'd still call it in case we needed to run to the pharmacy or something.


Lift Suburban red wine

Suburbans are like the red wine of the auto industry - they get better as they age. Case in point? This lifted masterpiece right here.


Lift Suburban green

The "green" lifestyle is something we could totally subscribe to if it means driving lifted Suburbans like this one.


Lift Suburban orange

Knock Knock.
Who's there?
Orange who?
Orange you glad I'm not an Expedition?


Lift Suburban xmas

If Bing Crosby ever did a holiday car ad, it'd be for this Chevy here. "I'm dreaming of a white Suburban/Just like the ones I used to know/ With rims that glisten/And children listen/To hear the engine's happy roar"


Lift Suburban dune

This Suburban looks dune-prepped and read for action - as long as that action involves sand. Lots and lots of sand.


Lift Suburban limo

This is a 1994 Suburban stretch limo. That is all.