How To Use GMPC's VIN Decoder

When working on a car or looking to buy a new car, there’s a secret code that can be very helpful for you. This code can be found in pretty much the same place on any car built since the early 1980s. This “secret code” is the VIN number. The VIN is an incredibly important number used around the world on every car.

What Is A VIN And Where Can I Find it?

GM vin location

VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number, and it is used by governments, insurance companies and consumers to keep track of a vehicle over its life. The VIN system was initially introduced in the early 1980s to help car manufacturers better keep track of the vehicles they’d been building and ensure cars were being produced properly. Before the VIN system was introduced it was hard to tell if a car was completely original, had been in an accident or stolen. During this time, manufacturers all had their own systems of numbering and ordering cars. This made documentation of these classic vehicles tough for enthusiasts. You basically had to be very well educated about the vehicle to know if your car was “original”.

Once the VIN system was introduced in the United States, many countries around the world quickly began using the VIN system. It became the standard system around the world today. You can find the VIN of any vehicle on the front of the dashboard on the drivers’ side. It can be most easily seen from outside the vehicle. But there are numerous places around (and inside) your vehicle that will have the VIN number:

  • The dashboard on the driver’s side, near the windshield
  • The driver’s side door sill
  • Under the hood
  • On the owner’s manual
  • On your vehicle registration or title

Why Is The VIN Important?

The VIN system is used internally by manufacturers to options out vehicles with the correct parts before they leave the factory. If you know how the manufacturer used these codes you can be sure to order the correct parts for your vehicle. You can learn more about how to decode GM VIN’s here.

GMPC’s VIN Decoder

Our team has also been hard at work developing this tool to help you decode the VIN for any GM vehicle. It can be really helpful for ordering new parts or making sure your car is “factory correct”. You can find the VIN Decoder tool through this link. We recommend bookmarking the link to make sure you’re ordering the correct parts any time you have an issue with your vehicle.