Awesome Grand National Drag Videos

The Buick Grand National is easily one of the sickest cars ever made. They’re easy to modify to turn into absolute demons — and anyone who has never driven one won’t even see them coming. Need proof? Here’s an account of the times a Grand National has put the hurt on its competitor.

1987 Grand National vs. 2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8

Okay, so it’d be great if they bothered to capture or post the times, but the GN gets the pull on this Challenger at the end of the track. No further information is given about the modifications to each car — neither seem extreme, so it was likely a driver's race.

Grand National vs. GT500

This race is pretty embarrassing for GT500 owners everywhere. Start at around the minute mark to skip over a bunch of revving snowmobiles — no, really. When the burnouts start, you can already tell what’s about to happen. Even though the driver of the Grand National sits at the line for a while after the Mustang leaves, the car gets up and walks right past it around the 1/8 mile mark.

2008 Charger SRT8 vs. Buick Grand National

Okay, so the driver didn’t win, but the GN was clearly the faster car. Here we have another case of the driver falling asleep at the line and then closing the gap before the end of the track.

Viper vs. Grand National

OUCH! How’s that for putting a modern car to shame, and a Viper at that! These Buicks seem to love preying on cars of the Dodge variety…

4 Times The Kill!

This is a really old video, but it shows the consistency of these cars. Here’s where you’ll see a stock GNX taking down a Callaway TT C4 Corvette 4 out of 4 times!

Unfortunately, many of the other top videos of Grand Nationals racing were recorded on the street, and we do not condone this behavior. However, we will leave you with a few hypnotizing wheel stands!