Should I Get The Tailgate With The Step?

Do you have a GM truck, such as the GMC Sierra? You may be wondering if a tailgate with a step would be a good investment.

GMC tailgate step

If you haven't heard, in 2019 GM gave the Sierra truck a cool tailgate setup called the MultiPro Tailgate. It offers six unique positions that boost the tailgate's functionality:

  • Primary gate access you can open with the power release button on the key fob or the tailgate
  • Primary gate load stop that prevents items from sliding out of the truck bed with the gate open
  • Foldable inner gate that folds down to make access easier for loading or unloading the truck bed
  • Full-width step that has a maximum weight capacity of 375 pounds and comes with an assist handle
  • Inner gate load stop that’s higher than the primary gate load stop
  • Inner gate work surface that offers second-tier loading ability

The 2021 Chevy Silverado got this cool setup, as well. You can see it in action here:

Upgrading To A Commercial Tailgate

A tailgate step is often considered a "commercial" feature. But it's not necessarily for commercial trucks only. Anyone who uses their truck bed to haul cargo can benefit from a tailgate step. If you want to make your Chevy tailgate "commercial" or GMC tailgate "commercial", you certainly can!

Many truck owners have done a MultiPro tailgate swap. The Silverado didn't get this great feature until 2021. That's why many 2019/2020 Silverado owners have upgraded to a Sierra MultiPro tailgate. Some lower 2019 and 2020 Sierra trim levels don't come with the MultiPro tailgate. (It only just became standard on all 2021 Sierra trucks). So owners of these trucks would upgrade to a MultiPro tailgate, as well.

It's more or less a direct replacement. Yet, there are a few small adjustments you would need to make. You can find a good model-specific tutorial online. If you need OEM tailgate components for the swap, we have plenty of genuine OEM replacement tailgate components at rock bottom prices.

Great Reasons To Get A MultiPro Tailgate

Upgrading to a MultiPro tailgate is a pretty big job, so you may be wondering if it'll be worth the trouble. It depends on how often you use the truck bed and what you use it for. To figure out whether a MultiPro tailgate would be a good investment, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do You Enter And Exit Your Truck Bed Often?

When loading and unloading your truck bed, sometimes you need to get into the truck bed. A tailgate step would come in quite handy. With one in place, you won't need to awkwardly crawl into the truck bed or jump out of it. If you have knee or back problems, a tailgate step is very necessary. It even comes with an assist handle to help you pull yourself up into the truck bed.

2. Do You Need To Leave Your Tailgate Open Often?

Sometimes when hauling cargo, you need to leave your tailgate open. With a MultiPro tailgate, you won't need to use as many straps. The MultiPro tailgate comes with two sturdy gate load stops that prevent cargo from sliding out.

3. Do You Use The Tailgate As A Work Surface?

Do you use your folded down tailgate as a work surface? For example, to check something on the laptop or to look at a blueprint? Do your back a favor and upgrade to a MultiPro tailgate. This tailgate design comes with an inner gate work surface, which acts as a desk.

Even if your answer to only one of these questions is yes, a MultiPro tailgate is an excellent investment. Plus, it drops jaws everywhere it goes!