GMC Balance and Alignment Issues - What To Do About It

Before you take your truck to a repair shop for a front-end alignment, here are some things that you should tell the technician. Many times, front-end alignments don't solve the drivability issues, so it's important that you give them as much information as you can. When you or the technician have all the information, chances are that the fix will be correct.

My truck constantly shakes or vibrates at any speed:

This can be caused by a bad tire or a bent wheel. Check your wheels for damage and replace any bent rims or bad wheels. Check your tire for roundness and look for abnormal surfaces. If you see a bulge or any strange wear patterns, replace the tire.

My truck constantly shakes or vibrates at certain speeds or range of speeds:

This can be caused by an out of balance wheel or wheels. When the wheels and tires are off balance, they don't spin in harmony at high speeds, so you should take them in and have them balanced by a professional. They will ensure that the tires are all the same weight and should take care of the problem.

Anytime I hit a bump, I get a vibration:

This can be caused by worn or loose suspension or steering parts. Drive your vehicle while paying particular attention to how it steers and rides. If the wheel jumps or moves in your hand, you may have loose or worn parts. These parts normally wear out over time, so if you have many miles on your GMC, you may find that the joints or bushings are wearing out. Check over your entire steering system including the wheels and axles. It can also be loose bearings in the wheels.

My truck has a constant vibration in the steering wheel:

This can be caused by a problem in the front wheels.

My truck has a constant seat vibration:

This can be caused by a problem in the rear wheels.

My truck has a drift or pull:

This can be caused by incorrect tire pressure. A pull is when the truck wants to pull to the side, and a drift is when the truck makes gradual changes in direction.

It can be a problem with the radial tires and can happen with any age tire. If you have the proper tools, then you want to switch the tires from the right to the left. If the pull goes away or changes sides, then you have a radial tire pull. A truck with worn out steering components or a truck out of alignment will have a pull or a drift.

The more information you have about your GMC’s vibration, the better your chances are of getting the proper diagnosis and repair.