Tips For Easy GM Tailgate Removal And Repair

If you have a broken or malfunctioning tailgate on your GM truck, you don’t have to bring your truck to a shop. You can repair or replace it at home. Most likely, you would need to either:

  • Replace certain components to get your tailgate back to working order
  • Replace the tailgate itself and swap over some components

The tailgate removal or repair process is pretty straightforward. You would need to identify the malfunctioning part(s) and then replace them. There are plenty of GM tailgate repair/removal tutorials floating around the internet.

gm tailgate tips

Image Credit: The Average Guys Garage

We rounded up a few tips that will make the process much easier (and more affordable.) 

1. Grab A Buddy Before Removing The Tailgate

Whether you’re replacing the tailgate or removing the tailgate to replace a part, always have a buddy to help. Removing the tailgate is a simple and straightforward process. Yet, a tailgate is very heavy. If you drop it, the tailgate can get damaged. If it falls on you, you can get seriously injured. That’s why you should always, always have someone to help you.

Bonus tip: wear textured rubber gloves while handling the tailgate. It will improve your grip and reduce the chances of it slipping out of your hands.

2. Keep Penetrating Oil Handy

Whether you're replacing the tailgate or a related component, you will have to remove some parts. That can be a difficult process, especially with older trucks. Some parts may be sticky or the bolts holding them together may be rusted. A few examples:

  • The tailgate won't open, or the tailgate won't latch: the latch may be stuck or damaged
  • A tailgate hinge replacement or a tailgate assist strut replacement is necessary: The bolt(s) holding these parts in place may be too rusted

That's where penetrating oil will come in quite handy. So before starting your project, be sure to have a can of penetrating oil nearby.

3. Order OEM Replacement Parts Online

online chevy tailgate parts

Want to get the most value out of your replacement tailgate parts? Order OEM ones online! Why?

  • OEM parts are more reliable than aftermarket parts. They’re direct replacements of the stock parts on your truck. That means fitment is always guaranteed.
  • Online prices are much cheaper than dealership prices. It’s because the overhead costs aren’t so high.

You can save a lot of money by ordering OEM parts from us. We offer the lowest total transaction prices you’ll find online. We also offer a price match guarantee. We have an extensive inventory of genuine OEM GM parts. Check out our catalog of OEM GM tailgates and related parts! If you need any help finding the right part(s) for your truck, feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to help!