7 of the Coolest GM Emblems From the Last 20 Years

Emblems can be overlooked, but they really tie together a vehicle’s appearance. If you pay close attention to the emblem on each car on the road, you’ll spot some really cool ones.

GMC and Chevrolet clearly employ brilliant designers because they consistently put out great-looking emblems. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite modern ones:

1. Intimidator SS Emblem


Intimidator 2

In 2006, Chevrolet released a special edition of the Silverado to honor Dale Earnhardt (a.k.a. “The Intimidator”), who died in a car crash in February 2001. Only 1,333 units of this special edition were made, and Chevrolet donated to Earnhardt’s foundation for every Intimidator SS they sold.

We like this emblem because it looks like what Earnhardt’s handwriting would have looked like if he had written out his nickname.

2. Hybrid Emblem

Hybrid emblem

Here’s a fun fact: the hybrid version of the Silverado/Sierra was the first GMC hybrid passenger vehicle when they launched it in 2004. The hybrid emblem pictured above was created in 2009 to represent the two-mode hybrid powertrain featured in the second-gen Silverados and Sierras. We think the motherboard design in the “H” is a nice touch.

3. Texas Edition Emblem

Texas emblem

Texas 2 emblem

Photo credit: Rjluna2

Did you know that one out of six full-size pickup trucks sold in the United States is sold in Texas? That’s how much Texas loves trucks. Chevrolet wanted to honor that, so they released Texas Edition Silverados in 2014. In addition to luxurious styling upgrades, the edition featured the equally luxurious emblem pictured above. To say that we love it would be an understatement.

4. Impala 50th Anniversary Emblem

Impala emblem

In 2008, Chevrolet celebrated the Impala's 50th anniversary by releasing this limited edition emblem on select 2008 Impalas. The only difference between this emblem and the standard Impala emblem is the "50th Anniversary" wording on it (and the black space inside the oval). However, we think that it deserves a spot on this list because there's a limited number of this emblem floating around. Plus, it just looks cool.

5. Camaro 45th Anniversary Emblem

Camaro emblem

Speaking of anniversary editions, here's another cool one. When Camaro's 45th birthday rolled around in 2012, Chevrolet decided to go all out with a Camaro 45th Anniversary Edition. They decorated it with a simple yet unique emblem. We like how GM stayed true to the Camaro logo while also giving it a unique spin.

6. Corvette Centennial Edition Emblem

Corvette emblem

The black and white color scheme (with a splash of gold) on this emblem accurately reflects the nature of the occasion: classy and extraordinary. The Corvette Centennial Edition was released in 2012 to celebrate Chevrolet's 100th birthday. Besides this eye-catching emblem, the Centennial Edition sported satin black wheels and a special trimmed interior.

7. Z71 Emblem

Z71 emblem

We’ll wrap up this post with an emblem featuring the Sierra’s Z71 off-road package. GMC released the design for this Z71 emblem in 2014, and we’re really digging the clever use of negative space here.

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