Is This 1973 Monte Carlo The Most Colorful Car You've Ever Seen?

A good paint job can vastly improve the aesthetic of a car, but what if someone took it to the next level?

eBay seller osolo59 did. He took a 1973 Monte Carlo and turned it into this:

Colorful Monte Carlo 2

Photo credit: eBay seller osolo59

It’s quite a show-stopper, isn’t it? This funky car still has its 70s-era body style, but its paint job looks like something straight out of the late 80s and the interior brings you right back to 1993. It’s hard to put a price tag on something this unique, but it was listed on eBay for $11K.

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Colorful Monte Carlo 4

This Monte Carlo is powered by a stock 400 Small-Block Chevy engine with nearly 52,500 miles, and it runs on an automatic transmission. Whoever ends up buying this funky Monte Carlo is in for a treat. Here’s why.

The Crazy Color Scheme

Can you guess how many paint colors the body has? Six. What’s even crazier is the fact that there are three different types of paint: flake, pearl, and fade. The patterned paint has an Orion Silver flake base and five different House of Kolor paint colors:

  • Kandy Teal
  • Kandy Voodoo
  • Kandy Pink
  • Kandy Cobalt
  • Kandy Purple

Colorful Monte Carlo 3

Colorful Monte Carlo 5

Whoever painted this car went all out. They even extended the patterned paint to the hood, trunk, and all the door jambs.

Colorful Monte Carlo 7

The interior has four different vinyl and leather colors. The bucket seats were custom made. The center console and the dash were painted to match the body. While this color scheme isn’t for everyone, you have to admit that the attention to detail here is incredible. We’d love to know how many hours were spent on this project.

Other Upgrades

The wacky color scheme isn’t the only thing this Monte Carlo’s got going. It has a Kenwood stereo system with an 800-watt amp. It also received V8 springs and a new two-pump hydraulic setup with a chrome whammy tank and four batteries.

Colorful Monte Carlo 6

The wheels were painted in candy faded paint to match the chrome spinners. See? The attention to detail is incredible.

Colorful Monte Carlo 1

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