Chevy Vans: Everything you Need to Know

Chevy Vans

Chevy Vans Are Built To Take Some Abuse

Vans are revered by many as the ultimate road warrior.  For decades, Chevy vans have catered to every section of the market.  Whether you’re looking for the ultimate comfort of a plush conversion van or a work van, odds are Chevy has just the right style.  

Chevrolet Passenger Vans

The Express 1500 is a popular choice for transporting small groups.  These Chevrolet vans seat eight passengers standard, but have the option to seat as many as 15. This makes the Express a great choice for church groups, shuttle services or companies that need to transport employees to job sites.  Of course it’s a great option for families as well.  Just fold the seats down and there’s plenty of added room for cargo or pets.  

Chevrolet Work Vans

Work vans are built for the long haul.  Chevy’s Express work vans can handle a load of 4,370 pounds with a towing capacity of 10,000 pounds.  These Chevy vans are built to withstand demanding working conditions and lots of time on the road.  It comes in plenty of different colors with side and back doors for easy access to tools and supplies.  There’s also an option to add a roof rack for ladders.  

Chevrolet Conversion Vans

Conversion vans offer the ultimate in comfortable, luxury travel.  These Chevy vans can be purchased through authorized GM convertors.  They’re are basically dealerships and shops authorized by the company to buy and convert Chevy vans for sale to the general market.  Today’s offerings include leather seating, beds, televisions and just about any other travel comfort you can imagine.  It’s a great option for those who love road travel, but hate trying to park an RV.  

Common Features On All Chevy Vans

Any of the new Chevrolet vans available come with all the standard features you’d expect.  Side and front airbags are standard.  The Express line of Chevy vans include GM’s StabiliTrak stability control system, which helps keep you in control, even with a full load of passengers or cargo.  OnStar Navigation is also an option, as well as the PASS-Key theft deterrent system.  

Engine And Warrantee

All Chevy vans have a variety of engine options available, but the 5.3 liter FlexFuel V8 is bar far the most popular option.  It provides a nice balance of power and efficiency. Chevrolet vans also come with an oil life monitoring system to let you know when the next oil change is due, and how much life you have left in the oil.  The 4-speed automatic transmission also includes a tow/haul mode to ensure the engine and transmission are properly set to handle the added workload.