Want To Buy A New Chevy Police Vehicle? Here Are Your Options

Police cars are a funny thing. You see one, you slow down. You hear one, you pull off to the side. If you're in one, well...good luck.

No matter what kind of vehicle it is, police cars demand a certain amount of respect and emit a certain cool-factor that Chevy emulates better than anyone else. If you happen to be in the market for a heavy-duty police vehicle, here are your options for 2016:

Tahoe PPV and SSV

Police Tahoe

Whether the PPV or the SSV, the Tahoe is a solid choice for police use.

The 2016 Tahoe is already at the top of its class, nabbing a 9.4/10 rating from Kelly Blue Book. That, their five-star crash test ratings, built in 4G LTE, and 139mph capability make it a great choice for police departments nationwide.

Tahoe Police Pursuit Vehicle

Rain? No problem. Snow? It's like it's not there. Ice? Bring it on. The Tahoe PPV can take on virtually any condition and continue the pursuit on diverse roads. Pair that with the most interior room of any police vehicle, and the PPV is one capable machine.

Tahoe Special Service Vehicle

The SSV combines a rugged 4x4 powertrain with a 355hp EcoTec3 V8 that can pretty much take you anywhere on or off road. When the going gets rough, Hill Start Assist and Trailer Sway Control keeps the SSV on its wheels.

The Caprice Police Pursuit Vehicle

Police Caprice

The Caprice is exclusively a police vehicle in the Chevy lineup.

The Chevy Caprice has a rich history in America, with a long production run lasting from 1965 to 1996. The Caprice returned in 2011 exclusively as a Police Pursuit Vehicle, and its advanced engineering and performance make it one of the most capable police vehicles on the road.

With more interior volume than a Crown Victoria Police Interceptor and Dodge Charger Police Car, the Caprice can brake from 60mph in just 126.8'- and that's when equipped with a V8.

Silverado Special Service Vehicles

Police Silverado

The Silverado SSV is lean, mean, and ready to tackle the roads.

What happens when you combine the “Most Dependable Large Heavy Duty Pickup” and Chevy's legendary police features? You get the Silverado SSV, a proven performer that can take just about any condition you throw at it.

The modern police force requires aggressive vehicles to keep up with them, and the Silverado SSV's 5.3L EcoTEc3 V8, optional 4WD, and a 170amp high-output alternator is the perfect solution.

Express Transport Van

Police Van

The generous cargo space of the Express Transport Van.

On the off chance you need to transport 15 unruly citizens across town, you'll be glad the Express Transport Van was available. With a powerful body-on-frame construction, the Vortec 4.8L V8 and generous cargo space allows you to haul as many people and equipment as you need. Swing out rear doors provide easy access to the cargo area, and 285hp allows you to zip away when duty calls.

Impala Limited Police

Police Impala

The classic Impala, in police form.

Power. Safety. Speed. Size.

The Impala's got it all, and no police fleet is complete without it. Packed with a versatile V6 and 6-speed transmission, the Impala has the crime stopping capabilities that police departments need. Add in the loaded safety features, heavy-duty suspension, and an oil life monitoring system, and you have a dependable and willing police vehicle that will last you a long time.

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