Chevy Cars will Detect Distracted Driving

Chevy Technology 2014


Car technology is starting to catch up to the times! According to Financial Times, General Motors recently signed a deal with Seeing Machines to buy their tracking technology. The contract allows for GM to utilize these eye tracking devices for 500,000 vehicles over the next five years. While this specific type of eye tracking device has yet to be employed in our everyday vehicles, the technology is anything but new. In addition to Chevy cars, Seeing Machine technology is already being used in industrial machines and is currently partners with Caterpillar Global, Caterpillar Global Mining and Takata.

How It Works

Seeing Machines’ technology uses several mechanisms including a tracking camera and an advanced algorithm to determine whether or not the driver is alert enough to safely operate a vehicle. This device can effectively detect where and for how long a driver is looking. This allows the technology to then alert the driver to pull over for rest or to, probably the biggest issue currently on the road, stop texting! While it is uncertain what aspects of this technology will be included in the new Chevy cars, we can easily see how this new technology can greatly improve driver safety.   

Similar Car Technology

While Eye tracking technology will soon be introduced in Chevy cars, the idea of using technology to assist with increased safety and minimizing distractions is anything but new. In fact, it could be argued that Chevrolet Cars were slow to jump on this particular automotive trend. Many other car companies have already integrated different types of technology to improve safety such as auto-breaking features and cameras that can detect out-of-sight objects.   

Advantage of Chevy Cars Eye Tracking Technology

Even though Chevrolet cars may have been late on integrating safety technology, the delay could be a benefit.  This particular eye tracking technology is much more advanced than any other preventative innovations currently on the market. For example, Lexus uses a “Driver Monitor” system which uses one camera to watch the driver’s eyelids are limited to only detecting sleepy drivers. The new eye tracking device what will be used in Chevy cars, is much more advanced, allowing it to detect a much broader range of distracted driving. This will no doubt increase the changes of saving so many other people’s lives due to distracted drivers.

As we continue to stride toward a more automated automobile, you can expect to start seeing more and more cars become self-aware. This of course is raising many red flags among consumers as these types of technologies will likely invade many privacy factors. Until these issues are resolved, it is likely the new Chevy cars will come with an option to disable the technology. 

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