What Is A Cabin Air Filter And Why Is It Important?

Did you know that you’re supposed to change the cabin air filter in your GM vehicle once a year or every 12,000 miles? Doing so will keep the air blowing into your cabin as clean as possible.

Replacing the cabin air filter is such an easy job that you can do it yourself in a matter of 5-30 minutes (depending on your expertise and where the air filter is located). In order to take care of cabin air filter replacements, it helps to know a bit about cabin air filters.

We got you covered with this guide on what cabin air filters are and how they work.

What Is A Cabin Air Filter?

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A cabin air filter is a square or rectangular pleated filter. It’s situated within the vehicle’s HVAC system, near the dash. The purpose of having a cabin air filter is to keep the cabin air clean. A cabin air filter traps the dust, pollen, bugs, leaves, and other debris in the air before the air enters the cabin via the heat and A/C vents.

Having a cabin air filter is essential to your health. With a steady stream of clean air flowing into your cabin, you don’t have to worry about being exposed to dirty air, pollen, bacteria, and exhaust gases while driving. It’s especially beneficial during allergy season.

How Does A Cabin Air Filter Work?

Your car comes with an HVAC system. Within the system is an external air intake system, which consists of a small fan that sucks in the external air. That air then flows through the cabin filter before making it into the cabin via the heat and A/C vents. When the air flows through the filter, the dirty stuff gets trapped and only the clean air gets through.

The air filter’s pleated material is covered in pores that are tiny enough to not let dust, pollen, and other debris through. The filter is the only barrier between the heat and A/C vents and the rest of the HVAC system, so all the air goes through the filter first before making it into the cabin.

Replacing The Cabin Air Filter In Your GM Vehicle

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Cabin air filters are usually located behind the glove box. The exact location of your cabin air filter depends on your GM model. Cabin air filters are easily accessible, and usually can be replaced without using any tools. 

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