Buick Enclave Power Steering Pump Problems - How to Diagnose and Fix

Power steering pumps aren’t exactly mysterious — you certainly don’t have to be a certified mechanic to notice there’s something wrong with the system. There are several ways to tell if your power steering pump is failing. Here’s how you’ll know and what you need to fix it.

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Signs of a Failing Pump

You hear a whining noise coming from the pump. If you hear the power steering pump start to make a whining noise, you may have a small leak in the pump. Check the fluid level in your Buick. If it’s low, there’s a good chance you have a leak.

Steering wheel is harder to turn. Move the steering wheel from side to side and listen. If you here noises (outside of the tires moving on the ground) that’s another sign of a failing pump. Also, if the steering wheel feels like it’s taking a lot more effort to move, your power steering system isn’t doing its job.

While driving in the cold, the steering feels stiff. This may be true to driving in the warm as well, but driving in colder conditions with a bad pump can make it especially difficult to turn if the pump is going out.

Sharp turns produce squeaky noises. When you make a sharp turn, a failing pump is going to make a lot of noise. As the pump gets worse, the noises will get louder and more prevalent. Address the problem before you’re left without power steering.

Power Steering Pump Replacement

Using a genuine replacement pump, replacing a power steering pump is not very difficult. Use these steps to get the job done:

  • Using a socket wrench, pull the tensioner pulley towards you. This will give the serpentine belt enough room to come off. Remove the serpentine belt
  • Remove the power steering lines
  • Remove the mounting bolts and pull the unit out
  • Take the pulley off of the old unit
  • Replace the pulley on the new unit
  • Remount the pump
  • Replace the lines
  • Put the belt back on
  • Refill the pump with the proper power steering fluid

Once you’ve replaced the pump, remember to keep an eye on the fluids to avoid damage in the future. Maintenance is an important key to preventing power steering pump failure.